Rail Mazdoor Union Ready for Secret Ballot Elections on Indian Railways for Recognition  ( News )


The Genral Elections in country are over NDA alliance lead by Bharatiya Janata Party has won elections with thumping majority. Modi Government is empowered once again by voters to freely implement their policies. This has new challenges to Indian Trade Unions as lots of changes are proposed in Labour Laws. Many of them are drastic and anti-labour.  HMKP is very clear and open to the proposals and where the policies are not in the interest of working class, the HMKP will fight tooth and nail.

In this environment Indian Railways are going into Secret Ballot Elections for recognition of trade unions in railways in month of August.

The two railway federations, viz. All India Railwaymen Federation AIRF and National Federation of Indian Railwaymen NFIR have been for decades recognized by Railway Board Arbitrarily. It is HMKP affiliated union Rail Mazdoor Union RMU, that first demanded for recognition of union by the worker’s of railways. With prolong struggle and intervention by judiciary the Secret Ballot elections have started. Two elections are conducted in year 2007 and 2013, but without any level playing field for contesting unions. The fight for this purpose is going on.

The railway workers are fed up with AIRF,NFIR unions for their acting like company unions and the workers have been organising themselves to strengthen so that interest of railworkers are protected and they can live with dignity. RMU has welcomed all such organizations to unite and fight the elections proposed in August 2019 together. All India Railway Track Maintainers Union AIRTU, All India Points Men association AIPMA have become part of RMU and many other unions/associations are joining together to contest united.



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 Rail Mazdoor Union Ready for Secret Ballot Elections on Indian Railways for Recognition   view more


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